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Garage door automation – Making Life Easier

We can supply and fit electric operators to all our Up & Over doors, Sectional doors and non-insulated Roller doors. All our door systems incorporate an automatic stop and reverse on-contract with obstruction mechanism.

Our system is designed to promote convenience and ease in operation. This automated operating system can be controlled via remote handsets or wall-mounted keypads. Choose from either one when you automate your garage door.

Enhance Security

Property owners often forget to close their garage door in their haste to leave, or they are too busy to do so. An automated door system resolves these issues. The operating mechanism we install will ensure that your garage door closes at the press of a button. Moreover, it will remain closed until you decide to open it.

Improve Safety

Manual garage doors have the safety risk of falling on one’s head. Not so with automated garage doors. They have the benefit of a locking function that sets it in place once in operation. This reduces the risk of disastrous accidents.

Prevent Injuries

Manual garage doors, specifically older ones, are prone to deterioration. It will become harder to open and close them manually, and its operation becomes a health hazard. When you automate your garage door, you prevent injuries that result from manual operation as everything is accessible through a remote or keypad.

Eliminate Inconveniences

Having to manually open your garage door during a storm puts you at risk of slipping or falling ill. An automated door system can prevent these types of situations. With the press of a button, you can open the door from the comfort of your car.

Automating Garage Doors

As garage door specialists, we have the skill, equipment and resources to automate your existing door system. Before we carry out the conversion, our team will inspect your door to determine which mechanism to install for optimal results.

  • Up-and-Over Doors

A traditional up-and-over door has tracks that run horizontally into the garage. To automate this design, a motor will be installed in the form of a bow-arm device. This retracts and extends the door back in place without the need for your manual exertion.

  • Roller Doors

All roller-type doors are easily convertible to operate electronically. Its original design can be outfitted with a motor that will do all the work for you.

  • Sectional Doors

Much like roller-type garage doors, sectionals are also easy to convert. To automate this type of door system, a motor is attached to the panel to retract and extend it.

Get Garage Door Automation from GDS Scotland

We have the industry expertise necessary to automate your garage doors. We have even developed a comprehensive system that will accurately determine the type of automation that you home or business needs. Our team of engineers will then install the automation mechanism without disrupting the original design. We can also automate your door upon installation should you prefer.

The operating mechanisms we offer reliable low maintenance operation. They are easy to use and will require minimal power from your electrical source. Get a free consultation and quote when you contact our customer service team.

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