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Secure your property with a high-quality roller shutter

We supply and install a wide range of high-quality roller shutter garage doors that are made to measure. Whether you want manual or electric doors (operated via key switch or remote control), we have the expertise and know-how to cater to your privacy and security needs. We carry several styles that you can choose from, as well. However, our most popular design range is the Galvanised Steel roller. All our roller shutters can be powder coated with your chosen colour should you want.  

Spatial Efficiency

Unlike other garage door designs, a roller shutter requires minimal space to operate. This door system is designed to suit spaces that are small- to medium-sized and carports in crowded areas.

  • Its vertical opening mechanism allows you to station trucks and delivery vans as close to the door without obstructing it.
  • The same opening mechanism allows you to park tall vehicles inside the loading and unloading bay without getting hit by the retracting door.
  • Roller shutter doors are flexible enough to be installed in small and cramped spaces without hindering its functionality.

Improved Security

A basic roller shutter door is equipped with a manual lock system that uses sliding bars that lock the side channels internally. Although these are effective, we also have an electric option that offers better security.

A remote-controlled roller shutter door uses a locking device that holds the barrel that the curtain is attached to. This keeps it firmly in place once the door has closed.

Additional Insulation

Most industrial units house temperature sensitive items, such as perishables. Maintaining a stable climate for them can be costly, however. The additional insulation that roller shutter doors provide will go a long way in keeping the conditions for these items steady.

Acoustic Barrier

This type of door design makes less noise when in operation, minimising the sound disruption that distracts employees, customers, and even neighbours. Additionally, a roller shutter door acts as an effective barrier against external noise. Conversely, this feature will also muffle loud sounds that are common in factories and warehouses.

Style Versatility

A roller shutter door system may not be flexible in design, but it can still be customised to suit your preferences. All our door options can be powder coated with your preferred colour.

Roller Shutter Doors from GDS Scotland

GDS Scotland offers installations and repairs across Scotland. Together with our excellent customer services, we ensure you get the most out of your contract with us. Our specialists have been fully trained to fit your shop or industrial unit with the door system you select.

Whether you need a manual or automated roller shutter door, our team of engineers will install the right system for your shop or industrial unit. We also offer free quotations for our repair services.

To learn more, call us on 01383 860 982 or send your enquiries to [email protected].

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For made to measure roller shutters in your choice of colours we supply and fit in Edinburgh, Fife, Perth, Kinross and Dundee.